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Privacy Experience (PX)

Privacy Experience 

It is clear that the bar has been raised beyond simply designing for compliance, but rather must involve communicating privacy and security principles in a way that drives brand value. Enter Privacy Experience, or PX, a unique and insightful service that translates privacy and security fundamentals into effective brand and product messaging. 

In collaboration with leading user experience (UX) firms, Relic Law is enabling clients to capture the most brand value from their privacy and cybersecurity efforts. This “full-stack” of services allows our clients to address their privacy and security postures in a meaningful and comprehensive way. 

Since our founding, Relic Law has sought to be a thought leader in data privacy and security, offering our clients deep insight through boutique service. We believe our innovative approach to PX will represent a new standard in the data protection space.


Have questions or want more information? Call (248) 579-9537 for a free consult. 

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