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Cybersecurity Expertise


A torrent of new threats and vulnerabilities defines the cyber risk environment. At the same time, the legal landscape continues to change, leaving organizations exposed to serious liability. The dynamic nature of cyber attacks makes them among the most difficult business risks to quantify and mitigate. 


Relic Law provides clients with a multidisciplinary approach to risk reduction. Our method involves addressing cyber risk from every angle, including compliance, risk assessment, testing, internal controls, third-party auditing, employee training, incident planning, insurance coverage, crisis management, backup and recovery, and certification to various security standards. 

Our team includes certified information privacy and security professionals, making us uniquely qualified to advise on and address your risk. In the event of a security incident, we will represent you as breach counsel, manage your incident response, gather forensics, oversee remediation, and handle any resulting fallout, including claims and disputes.


Have questions or require more information? Call (248) 579-9537 for a free consult. 

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