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Data Privacy

Privacy Expertise


Privacy risks are now a serious concern for many businesses. No longer considered "black swan" events, data breaches, class action lawsuits, and regulatory enforcement actions have become increasingly common. The resulting damage can be substantial, even if your organization is insured against certain cyber-related losses. 


Relic Law provides clients with a comprehensive approach to risk reduction. This involves addressing each aspect of privacy risk, including regulatory compliance, risk assessment, internal controls, privacy engineering, processing agreements, supply chain auditing, product messaging, employee training, insurance coverage, framework adoption, and certification. 

In combination with our Cybersecurity Practice, we help organizations achieve compliance and reduce their legal exposure. In the event of a privacy incident, we will represent you as breach counsel, manage your incident response, gather forensics, oversee remediation, and handle breach-related activities, including notification and any resulting claims or disputes.


Have questions or require more information? Call (248) 579-9537 for a free consult. 

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