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Privacy Notice

Privacy Policy

Effective: January 1, 2021

Relic Law PLLC collects a variety of personal information in the course of operating our law firm and providing legal services. We take seriously our responsibility to protect personal information and to comply with the laws applicable to our use of personal data. Our privacy practices are modeled after globally accepted privacy norms, such as transparency, lawfulness, and consent.

Please note that we may modify this privacy policy from time-to-time to better describe our privacy practices or as may be necessary to reflect changes in the law. Please check back regularly for updates as indicated by the date and time stamp provided at the bottom of this policy. 



This Privacy Policy applies to our firm wherever we may conduct business and encompasses all of our services (online and offline) and includes any services made available through and any of its subdomains, including


This Privacy Policy provides transparency about our privacy practices, including how we collect, process, and disclose personal information, and how you may contact us with privacy inquiries. Subject to our use of personal information in accordance with our ethical and legal obligations as lawyers engaged in the practice of law, by interacting with us, you consent to our collection and use of your personal information as disclosed in this Privacy Policy. 


Usage Data. We collect a variety of information (some of which may be personally identifiable to you) from individuals who access our website and online services. This information includes:

  • Log Data – Information collected by our servers when you access our website through your browser, including your Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, referral URLs, browser type and settings, date and time of usage, language preferences, and cookie data

  • Device Information – Information collected about your device, including the type of device, operating system, application IDs, and unique device identifiers and crash data 

  • Location Data – Approximate location information based on your IP address combined with other information, including information about your browser and device 


Contact Information. If you interact with us through a web form or by contacting or interfacing with us by other means, we will collect personal information made available to us through such interactions. This information may include:

  • Contact Information – Your name, phone number, email address, and physical address, etc.

  • Other Information – Anything else you may share or is gleaned from your interactions with us 


Information Related to Legal Services. If you inquire about or engage our firm for legal or law related services or are relevant to a matter in which we are engaged, we may collect a variety of personal information, directly or indirectly, in connection with our representation or the provision of our services. This information may include:

  • Case and Matter Information – Any information related (or relevant) to a case or matter in which our firm is engaged

  • Business and Financial Information – Information pertaining to you and/or your business, trade and practices, transactions, banking and financial information

  • Legal Information – Information about your experience with the legal system, contracts, agreements, legal relationships and other arrangements

  • Sensitive Personal Information – Information about personal and professional history, health information, and unique personal identifiers

  • Third Party Information – Information received about you from third parties, such as reputation information, which may be obtained in the course of our representation, and includes that which may be obtained by investigatory and reporting services

  • Associate Information – Information about those with whom you associate or who have knowledge of you, including partners, employees, vendors, clients, counter-parties, witnesses, and others

  • Intellectual Property Information – Information pertaining to proprietary and confidential information and other intellectual property

  • Privileged Information – Information received from our clients subject to attorney-client privilege or otherwise subject to protections pertaining to attorney work product 

Information from Third Party Sources. On occasion, we may collect or gather information, including personal information, from third party sources, including both public and non-public record databases. Such information may be obtained directly from the third party source by us or through an intermediary acting on our behalf, such as an investigator or forensics team.




In providing legal representation, we have a duty to use information we receive or obtain for the benefit of our clients. We may use personal information about you for any such purposes as permitted by our ethical and legal obligations. 

We also use personal information to provide and improve our services and to operate our business. This includes following up concerning legal matters and about prospective opportunities and engagements. 


Other uses of personal information include:

  • Administering our services

  • Communicating with you and others by email, phone, and other means

  • Providing information about our services, e.g. sales and marketing

  • Detecting and preventing abuse and security issues

  • Complying with legal and regulatory obligations


To the extent that may be required by law, our use of your personal information shall be consistent with the purposes disclosed to you in this Privacy Policy. 

If your personal information is de-identified or anonymized through aggregation or by other means to the extent that it can no longer reasonably identify you, then this information will no longer be considered “personal information” under this Privacy Policy.  


We retain and dispose of personal information in accordance with our data retention and disposal policies and as may be required by applicable law. Generally, this means:

  • Data associated with Usage Data will be retained only for as long as is necessary, which may include a reasonable time following its collection to ensure the integrity of log files, prevent fraud and spoofing, and protect the security of our website and services. 

  • Data associated with Contact Information will be retained for as long as is necessary to satisfy the purpose for which the data was collected and to satisfy compliance with ethical and legal obligations.

  • Data associated with Information Related to Legal Services will be retained for as long as is necessary to satisfy the purpose for which the data was collected and to satisfy compliance with ethical and legal obligations.

All personal information may be retained for as long as may be necessary to facilitate other legitimate interests, such as audits and to satisfy legal and regulatory requirements. As part of our backup and recovery policies, deleted data may be kept for an additional period in the form of secure backups.


Subject to the attorney-client privilege, we may share and disclose personal information with third parties as needed to provide our services and operate our firm. The categories of third parties with whom your information may be shared include:

  • Service Providers – We may share personal information with our service providers as needed to operate our business, including with our computing, web services, and storage service providers

  • Vendors and Partners – We may share your personal information with our vendors and partners, including other attorneys, experts, investigators, and consultants with whom we work

  • Business Services – We may share personal information with our business services providers in the operation of our business, including security vendors, developers, auditors, analytics service providers, and professional advisors

  • Corporate Activities – We may share any category of personal information with potential investors or lenders and as part of a transaction involving a merger, acquisition, or similar transaction involving our business

  • Government and Legal – We may share any category of personal information with third parties as may be required by applicable law, regulation, or legal process


As may be required by applicable law (or as we may otherwise feel appropriate), we will exchange personal information with third parties according to a prior written agreement that governs such sharing, e.g. Data Processing Agreement. Such sharing may include the cross-border transfer of your personal information to jurisdictions with less protective privacy laws than your home jurisdiction. 



We provide you with several ways to inquire about your privacy. If you have an established relationship with us, please contact us using the normal channels through which we communicate with you. Otherwise, you may make an inquiry by emailing our Data Protection Officer at DPO Email or by calling (888) 997-4734. Certain inquiries may be subject to appropriate prior verification. 

To opt-out of receiving certain communications from us, such as emails sent for commercial purposes, you may contact us at the contact information immediately above or by clicking "Unsubscribe" in the email itself, if applicable. Please note that opting out will not limit our ability to contact you for other legitimate purposes, such as when necessary to fulfill certain legal and ethical obligations. 

As may be required by law (or as we may otherwise administer in our discretion as a courtesy) and to the extent that such request does not interfere with or conflict with other laws or our ethical and legal obligations, including as they may relate to confidentiality and attorney-client privilege, we will facilitate your ability to exercise certain privacy rights, such as the right to know, rectification, erasure, stop processing, and data portability.

California Privacy Rights & Do Not Sell My Personal Information

While our firm is not subject to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), as a general matter, we do not "sell" personal information in our normal course of business as defined by the CCPA.


General Data Protection Regulation

The focus of our business is providing legal services to clients in the United States and, therefore, any collection of personal information relating to data subjects in other jurisdictions, such as the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA), is either unintentional or merely incidental. We do not market our services in jurisdictions outside the United States and this site is intended for a U.S. audience.

If you have a complaint concerning our privacy practices or about the administration of your privacy rights, we ask that you please make such complaint using the contact information above. We will promptly respond to the receipt of legitimate complaints and attempt to resolve any such complaints in good faith, including, where appropriate, providing a reasonable process for pursuing such resolution. 



We use cookies throughout our websites and web applications to track user interactions and personalize your user experience. For example, we use Google Analytics to collect and process such data. You can learn how Google uses this data here: In such cases, the privacy policies of these third party providers, including Google and Wix, will govern how your personal information may be used. 

In accordance with the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA), we want to inform you about our “Do Not Track” (“DNT”) request policy. DNT is a feature that some web browsers offer to allow users to send signals to websites so that no information about their browser session will be shared. You may enable your web browser to send our website a DNT request, but your browsing and user experience may be degraded. Sometimes, DNT does not work even when enabled. You can learn more about DNT here: 


In accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA") and other state laws, our website and associated services are not marketed to children under eighteen (18) years of age and we do not intentionally collect information from children. We encourage parents and guardians to take appropriate steps to ensure the safety and privacy of their children online.


We have taken certain measures to protect our systems from harm and safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal information. Our efforts include utilizing strong encryption, complex passwords, and leveraging physical, technical, and administrative controls to prevent the unauthorized access and disclosure of personal information. Nonetheless, it is conceivable that risks to your personal data still exist. We encourage all users to exercise caution when interacting with our website and services, just as they would any other website. 

Good security starts with good personal security hygiene. We recommend that you connect to our website over secure networks and stay alert to unusual or suspicious activities. Do not respond to emails that purport to be from our firm that involve unusual requests. We will never request your username and password.

If any personal information we possess is the subject of a data breach and your personal data is implicated according to any U.S. state or federal law that may apply, then we will take such action, as such law or laws may require. 

This Privacy Notice was revised December 29, 2020 at 21:50 UTC.

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