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Products, services, and IT systems must be designed to meet compliance requirements and built a in way that reduces privacy and security risks. A number of new laws require structural changes to the way that data is processed, transmitted, and stored. By law, certain products must also incorporate minimum security features. 

Relic Law specializes in assisting software and product developers in designing products to meet necessary compliance requirements. We have substantial experience on the product side and will help translate compliance requirements into workable features and functionalities. 

Our approach will involve reviewing the intended use case and determining what compliance requirements apply and how such requirements may impact the intended design. We will then provide actionable guidance on specific features and functionalities, including database structure and relationships, data traceability, consent mechanisms, and CRUD functionalities, among others. 

Beyond strict compliance, we will provide insightful counsel on ways to reduce the product's privacy and security risks. These focused efforts will reduce the product's overall risk profile and help limit exposure to legal liability. For a deeper dive into privacy and security engineering, please contact us for a consult on your project. 


Have questions or require more information? Call (248) 579-9537 for a free consult. 

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