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Expert Insights

Spotlight Interviews with Industry Leaders


Relic Law collaborates with leading cybersecurity experts to deliver robust counsel and support based on industry best practices. We are pleased to introduce this expanding library of interviews with some of the field's brightest minds. 

The Cybersecurity Body of Knowledge

Professor Daniel Shoemaker, Ph.D., Graduate Program Director, University of Detroit Mercy's Center for Cybersecurity & Intelligence Studies

Navigating EU GDPR Article 27 Local Representatives

Jane Murphy, Founder & Chair, EDPO (European Data Protection Office)

File-Level Protection of Sensitive Data

Deborah Kish, EVP, Research & Marketing, Fasoo

Operationalizing Privacy Compliance at Scale

Robert Fowler, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Exterro

Examining Cyber Liability Coverage

Ari Dolgin, Senior Account Executive, Gallagher

Assessing and Protecting Cyber-Physical Systems

Brandon Berry, CEO, Block Harbor Cybersecurity

To learn more about Relic Law's multidisciplinary data privacy and cybersecurity practice, please call (248) 579-9537 for a free consult. 

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