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Breach Counsel

A data breach can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars in incident response and forensics costs alone. This does not include expenses relating to breach notification, regulatory inquiries, lawsuits, reputational damage and other losses. If you experience a security incident or data breach, it is imperative that you engage skilled counsel immediately. 

Responding to a data breach involves a phased incident response by a trained incident response team (CSIRT) at the direction of legal counsel. The incident response will involve triage, containment, eradication, forensic analysis, and system restoration. The response must be swift and according to protocol to mitigate potential damage. 

Exposure to legal liability can be substantial following a breach and includes lawsuits by affected parties, governmental enforcement actions, professional sanctions, fines and penalties for notification and compliance failures, as well as contractual claims. Relic Law specializes in handling data breaches and will ensure your interests are protected. 

Our approach will include engaging the incident response team, coordinating breach related activities, and taking every measure possible to reduce your exposure to potential liability. If personal information has been access or acquired by an unauthorized party, we will determine whether notification is necessary under the law and prepare the appropriate response. 

In addition, we will respond to any additional fallout resulting from the breach, including communicating and negotiating with law enforcement and regulators, and representing you in any legal proceedings.

Have questions or require more information? Call (248) 579-9537 for a free consult. 

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