Business Assistance for COVID-19

Business Helpline: (866) 997-4734


Financial Relief Programs


Need help applying for SBA Disaster Loans, Paycheck Protection Loans, or other relief programs? We have advised 50+ SMBs on eligibility and application processes. 

Business Disputes


Need help resolving a business dispute? We are helping clients negotiate and favorably settle contractual disputes and pursue legal remedies when needed.

Consultation Request:

Employment Issues

Need help handling employment issues? We are advising clients on how to navigate confusing laws, regulations, and executive orders concerning employment. 

Government Restrictions

Need help understanding how local, state, and federal actions are impacting your business? We can help provide clarity on your options and how to proceed. 

Immediate assistance is available. Initial consultations to qualified potential clients are free.

Please call us at (866) 997-4734

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