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Business Resources for COVID-19

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CARES Act - $2.2T Relief Package


The CARES Act provides a number of relief programs for people and businesses, but likely the most beneficial to small businesses is the Paycheck Protection Loan ("PPL") available to businesses with fewer than 500 employees. 

Paycheck Protection Loan

  • Businesses can borrow up to 2.5x their regular monthly payroll to use for payment of payroll, mortgage interest, rent, and utilities. 

  • Loans will be available through most FDIC insured financial institutions, including community banks and credit unions. 

  • Loans will be forgiven if used to pay qualified expenses during the 8 weeks following loan origination and there is no reduction in employees or wages. 

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Other U.S. Federal, Michigan, and Illinois Assistance

Relief is available to businesses recovering from the COVID-19 crisis. Several opportunities are provided below. We are available to help businesses obtain relief. 

Business Grants

​Business Loans

Tax Relief 

Unemployment Benefit Programs


Paid Sick and Child Care Leave Credit

Private Grants and Banking Assistance

Private companies are providing grants to qualifying businesses as well as loan payment deferrals offered by several commercial banks. We are available to help businesses apply for grants and deferrals. 

Private Grants

Banking Relief Assistance

Insurance Payouts Related to COVID-19

Many businesses may be entitled to file claims for losses on existing policies for COVID-19 related losses, including for "Business Interruption" insurance. We can assist in assessing your coverage and filing a claim. 

Contractual Remedies and Supply Chain Resolutions

Many businesses have contracts and supply chain agreements that have been disrupted by COVID-19, resulting in losses and harm to the business, including nonperformance, non-payment, and even claims against the business for breach of contract. We have reviewed the "force majeure" laws in Michigan and Illinois to help pursue legal remedies and swiftly negotiate favorable settlements. 

Employee Related Challenges

Businesses face many employment related issues arising out of COVID-19, including claims against the business for wrongful termination, unlawful discrimination, back pay, and others. We are prepared to assist clients in resolving employment issues as quickly as possible. 

Government Restrictions on Business

Federal, state, and local governments are taking extraordinary actions to fight COVID-19 that impact and impede many industries, including moratoriums on certain businesses. We have reviewed these executive orders and are able to help businesses understand their obligations and discover workable solutions. 

Immediate phone assistance is available. Initial consultations to qualified potential clients are free. Please call us for questions or assistance at (866) 997-4734