California Consumer Privacy Act

CCPA Compliance

The CCPA takes effect on January 1, 2020, and will require companies to make structural changes to the way they process personal data. Similar to the EU GDPR, the CCPA provides California residents with a number of robust privacy rights.


For some companies, the CCPA will completely disrupt business models and revenue streams. In other cases, it will dramatically curtail the use of data from existing practices. At a minimum, every affected company will need to address compliance in a meaningful way. 

Businesses should be concerned about non-compliance, as all signs indicate that the California AG will aggressively enforce the law and impose steep penalties. Additionally, a widely supported amendment could also give aggrieved parties a private right of  action. 

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Data Privacy Counsel

Relic Law specializes in data privacy and will ensure your company achieves CCPA compliance. Following a complete assessment, we will design and implement a plan that satisfies all required elements of the CCPA, including:

  • Developing a data governance strategy that minimizes data without compromising business objectives

  • Inventorying, categorizing, and classifying data

  • Mapping data flows

  • Performing data privacy impact and risk assessments

  • Designing database schema

  • Creating consent mechanisms 

  • Preparing privacy notices

  • Vetting data processors

  • Advising on information security

  • Providing employee awareness and training

  • Conducting assurance activities

Relic Law works with businesses of all sizes to protect their interests in privacy and security matters.

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